Birding with Behrens

This isn’t something I talk about very much on here, but I’m a bird lover. We have multiple feeders around our house, ranging from window feeders, tray feeders to squirrel proof ones. I love going outside first thing in the morning with my coffee and watching the birds come to the feeders. It’s such a calming way to start my morning and wake up with the birds. We get every bird you can imagine from the pleated woodpecker to blue jays. Birding has become a family affair and the kids love to help fill up the feeders and watch the birds. They even have their own birding book and notebooks in their outdoor baskets to keep track of the birds that come to our yard.

The problem I have run into is where to store our birdseed. We don’t have a garage and I could keep it in our basement, but I really need easy access to it. We get everything from raccoons to foxes in our yard, so over the past few years we’ve stored the birdseed inside.
I‘ve mentioned Behrens Metalware a few times on here, but I can’t get over the quality of their products. Behrens has been making quality metalware for over 100 years in the US. Based in Minnesota, Behrens makes a wide range of products all out of metal. Everything from planters to storage for multiple uses. I love that everything is sustainably made and in turn is being kinder to the planet. Their 100% Galvanized Steel is odor, weather and chemical resistant, and 100% recyclable. You can read more about how Behrens is helping our environment and read more about their story here .
I was so excited to try Behrens Bird Feed Storage Can and Scoop . It has a locking lid, so I can keep it outside and I don’t have to worry about rodents getting into it. A bonus too, is it looks nice stored outside. Like all of Behren’s Metalware, it’s weather resistant and it features an offset bottom to keep the can off the ground. I also added their comfort grip to make carrying it around easy while filling up the feeders.

Behren’s Scooper is a nice added touch to keep in the Storage Can. It makes the entire process of adding seed to the feeders mess-free. The kids can also fill the feeders now with ease and I don’t even need to help. Their scooper will be available later this summer.
You can shop all of Behrens products here and keep up with all of their happenings on Instagram and Facebook .


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