Gardening with Kids

The slow, simple days of summer are here and gardening with the kids has fit in perfectly. I’ve loved seeing the excitement on their faces when the seeds they’ve planted start to grow, or when they cut flowers/herbs from the garden. You don’t need a large garden bed, or fancy equipment to garden with kids, just a few pots, seeds, dirt and simple garden tools. Yes, I teach Caroline and Charlie the basics of gardening, but I let them do the rest. I let them put their hands in the dirt and plant the seeds. They use the garden clippers to snip the herbs and deadhead the flowers. The more freedom I give them, the more they want to participate. I feel like that goes with most things for kids. When it comes to gardening with kids, here are some of my favorite tools, books and accessories I use. The most important thing when learning to garden, in my opinion, is to not take it too serious. Whether you are a kid or an adult, gardening takes trial and error, even when you are an master gardener. My Favorite Books About Gardening with Kids: All of these books are great to introduce your child to the world of gardening. Plant the Tiny Seed We are the Gardeners Growing Vegetable Soup Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt Planting a Rainbow Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids A Seed is Sleep y Gardening Tools for Kids: Gardening Apron : A gardening apron for kids, I just couldn’t resist! I love that the neck strap is adjustable too. Gardening Tool Set : Every kid needs a gardening tool set, whether they are just digging around or planting seeds. Watering Can : The perfect size for little hands! Wheelbarrow : Charlie loves filling up his wheelbarrow with dirt and dumping it everywhere. It’s also helpful when we need to pull weeds and he can fill it up, and dump it in our garden waste bin.