Give the Gift of Paperwhites

For the past few years, I have given paperwhite bulbs as gifts to friends and neighbors. It’s a cheerful gift and requires hardly any care for the person receiving the gift. I like to give them when the bulbs have just sprouted, so the person can fully enjoy watching them grow/bloom into January. Paperwhites are very easy to grow and you can pretty much grow them in anything. I like to gift them in a mason jar filled with rocks and moss. You really can’t go wrong with what you chose. You can find Paperwhites this time of year at any garden center or hardware store. If you’re local to Atlanta, you can find them and all the materials at Pikes Nursery . Here’s how I put it all together. This will make 12 Paperwhite Gifts: Materials: 12 Pint Ball Mason Jars 12 Paperwhite Bulbs 1-2 containers of small rocks of your choice (you can also use soil instead) 1 bag of moss (optional) Ribbon or twine Jingle bells Gift tags Candy Canes Directions: Fill each mason jar half way with the rocks. Nestle in the paperwhite bulb point up, and a little layer of moss around it. Tie some ribbon with a gift tag and a jingle bell, voila! On the gift tag, I wrote “Just add water.” All the paperwhite needs is a little sunlight and occasional water just to the roots. You can expect to see it bloom in 4 weeks.