My Good Morning Breakfast: Crispy Eggs with Avocado

Breakfast is my favorite. My family still jokes about when I was little, we would go out to breakfast and I would order everything on the menu. Some things haven’t changed. I love eggs, but sometimes they can get boring. My sister loves having salsa with her eggs, so I decided to try it out, but with pico de gallo. Now, I’m hooked! To make it a substantial meal that will fill me up until the kids’ rest time (that’s when I usually have lunch), I tried adding black beans and avocado. Holy wow! I’ll be making this until I find a new favorite. Ingredients: 2 Eggs Olive Oil Half of an Avocado Sliced Flaxseed Flaky Sea Salt + Freshly Ground Black Pepper 1/2 Cup of Black Beans Rinsed 1 Scoop of Pico De Gallo Extra Sharp Cheddar Cut Up or Shredded Directions: In a large non stick skillet over medium- high heat, drizzle some olive oil to coat the pan. Crack two eggs into the pan and cook for a few minutes until crispy. Flip, if you want to cook the yolk a little bit more, literally just for a second. Transfer to a plate. Meanwhile, on the plate add the sliced avocado, black beans, pico and cheddar. Drizzle olive oil over the avocado, sprinkle the top with flax seed, and add salt and pepper to everything. Grab your tea or coffee and savor every bite!