Planning Our Fall Garden

Fall is approaching soon, and that means that it’s time to plan out our fall garden. If you know me, you know that I love planning, no matter what the topic is. Troster and I like to sit down before every new season, and plan out the garden together. We look through our favorite seed catalogs and circle what looks fun to grow. Before we start picking out what to plant, we always double check what will grow well in our zone. We are in zone 7a-b, so we are lucky that we can grow a variety of vegetables and herbs in the fall. You can find your zone here . We are going to be starting everything from seed this year in jiffy pots , except for the carrots and herbs that are already growing in the garden. I want to get a head start on our vegetables, especially ones that are not as cold hardy. Another reason I’m starting them in seed starters is one, it’s still too hot to plant them directly in the garden and two, our summer garden is still going strong for the time being. Every fall, I always plant a variety of lettuces, spinach, kale, and broccoli. I’m excited to try two new things though for the fall, Broccoli Romanesco (a cross between cauliflower and broccoli) and Snap Peas. I usually only do snap peas in the spring, but when I listened to my friend, Jill from the Beginners Garden Podcast talk about how she plants them in the Fall too, I knew I had to try it. To help us plan out our garden and keep track of everything we are planting, I purchased this beautiful veggie journal from Sara Fitz Studio . Here is what we are planting this Fall. I plan to plant the seeds this weekend and then in mid-September transfer everything to the beds. Nobel Spinach Cilantro Lacinato Kale De Cicco Broccoli British Wonder Pea Amish Snap Pea Apollo Arugula Crisp Mint Lettuce Baby OakLeaf Lettuce Grandma Hadley’s Lettuce Gulley’s Favorite Lettuce Broccoli Romanesco Garlic (That won’t ship until October, we will plant it right before the first frost) What are you planting in your garden this Fall? Be sure to head to my stories on Instagram tomorrow as I tell you in more detail about what I’m planting. Happy Gardening!