The Nature Basket

I use a nature basket all year long, but the spring/summer time is when it truly gets used the most. I keep it by our door and take it out with us when we go outside. I keep things in the basket for free play and also things for guided activities. These are the things I always have on hand in the basket: – Ball – Magnifying Glasses – Individual Note Pads/Pens for Nature Walks – Bird Book – Sunglasses – Bug Catchers – Measuring Cups – Tape Measure – Chalk – Treasure Box to keep all the special things they find in nature Other Things: – Water Squirters – Portable Hammock – Nature Books related to the season we are in – Small Kite Again, this basket is used mostly for open-ended play. They chose what they want to take out and how they want to use it. We also have things that are kept strictly outside like gardening tools and things for water play. I especially love seeing what the kids draw in their note pads. Caroline loves drawing what birds she sees outside while she sits at her picnic table. Charlie loves to draw pictures of the road and trucks when we go on walks. Do you have a nature basket for your kids. If so, comment below and tell me what you keep in it. – Ashleigh ๐Ÿ™‚


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