What’s growing in the garden this Fall?

Last weekend, we finally got the fall garden planted. I actually think it was just the right time because the weather has been so wacky here. I tried to not go overboard with the planting because last spring I certainly did. Most years, I order from my favorite seed catalogs, but this year I headed straight to our local nursery, Pike and got the seeds there. All of the seeds are sourced from Botanical Interests . Last year, I started our seeds in trays, but this year I went my usual route and directly sowed them in the garden. We are in zone 7a-b, so this was the perfect time to start planting. I always plant a variety of lettuces, kale, bulbs and garlic. Last fall, we tried Snap Peas and they did so well that we are doing them again. I love that they are fast growers and the kids love picking and eating them. I’m also trying beets again. They didn’t do so well last year, so I’m hoping they will work out. To help me map out our beds, I used my beautiful veggie journal from Sara Fitz Studio . Next week, I’ll be sharing more details about what I planted out in the garden in stories. In the meantime, here is what we planted this Fall: Buttercrunch Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce Rocket Arugula Nero Toscana Kale Cilantro Rosemary Lavender Thyme Sugar Magnolia Snap Peas Sugar Daddy Snap Peas Gourmet Blend Beets California Garlic Double Surprise Tulips Stop It I’m Blushing Tulips Pink Charin Narcissus Double Trouble Narcissus Single Freesia Mix Snowflakes De Caen Anemone British Gamble Mix from Halden